Just...Peppi!  - Comedy ~ Southern-fried & Spiced just Right
You've probably seen my TV show. 
I played a skunk.
It's okay if you missed it.
It stunk. ~ Peppi
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Comedian Just Peppi's "Domino Effect" - The Things We Share
Comedian Just Peppi performs, for the first time, her very first ukulele song, Domino Effect. Be careful what you share. It may come back to you. Just Peppi jokes with her audiences, "Hey, I'm not a...
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Christian Comedian Just Peppi on Potluck Dinners - Potluck Parade
Watching from the sidelines and making up a silly song, it's Peppi the comedian! Everybody loves a potluck parade. Enjoy her newest hilarious song "Potluck Parade"! Check for availability at www.jus...
Comedian Just Peppi...Who is She? Let's ask the experts.
"Peppi never was plain vanilla." ~ Carol Miller (Peppi's Mom)
 "God blessed me with two chin who were very predictable. Then....
He blessed me with my 'techni-colored' daughter." ~ Lonnie Miller (Peppi's Dad)
"If they didn't want me to turn out a little bit funny,
why'd they give me a name like 'Peppi'?" ~ Anonymous
You definitely need to have Peppi in your church. 
She makes you laugh, and at the same time,
reminds you of your mission to reach
the world for Jesus!"
~ Buddy Brents, Director of International Ministries,
Mobile Baptist Association
Comedy Central was so fun! Peppi, you were a
hoot!!! I loved listening to your stories and
hearing the belly laughs from our women.
They were totally entertained by you.
~ Pat Richey; Spring Hill Bapt. Church; Mobile, AL
I have now had the privilege of seeing
two of Peppi's shows and she had me
roaring with laughter both times.
~ Christie Lovvorn, Press Correspondent
She completely stole people's hearts. She's
amazing and such a kindred spirit. Oh yeah,
and she's available for church events.
You won't be disappointed.
~ Scott Washam, Alabama Quartet Convention
I haven't laughed so much in a long time.  I can
highly recommend you to any group needing
some funny, fresh, and Christian
entertainment for their functions.
~ Dani (Guestbook Entry)
I can't remember the last time I laughed
so much. Oh, I remember!  It was in March
when you were with us ladies. Tonight
was a blessing especially seeing my
husband relaxed and laughing.
~ Cynthia (Guestbook Entry)
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Just Peppi ~ Smack Dab in the Middle
Growing up as a middle child is rough. Especially when your older sister is perfect and your little brother is.....well....quite a "guy".
As event coordinator, you can rest assured that
Peppi's comedy will be clean & family friendly.
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"A cheerful heart is good medicine."
~ Proverbs 17:22
Clean Christian Comedienne for hire: Just Peppi!
(Peppi Garrett, Comedian)
Located in Mobile, AL.  Have jokes, will travel!