"If they didn't want me to turn out a little bit funny, why'd they give me a name like 'Peppi'?" ~ Anonymous


Pastors, Ministry Leaders & Women's Group Coordinators 

We all know how difficult it can be, in this noisy, fast-paced world, to capture someone's attention with a message, much less

an entire congregation of people.  Did you know laughter tears down walls, so audiences are more likely to listen to what

you really want to say?  Church & Ministry leaders, as you talk with Peppi, be sure to ask her how your special comedy

event could close with a brief message that God is using to speak to hearts everywhere she is given opportunity to present it. 

Comedy Captures Their Attention so the Cause Can Capture Their Hearts

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​​​"I haven't laughed so much ​in a long time. I can highly recommend you to any group needing some ​funny, fresh, and clean Christian entertainment ​for their functions."  ​​Dani, Guestbook Entry

"I don't know who laughed more - the men ​or the women. We had nothing but positive reviews about ​how great her show was." 
​Pam, St. Elmo Bible Church


* Church Events

* Banquets

* Conferences 

* Ladies' Retreats

* Comedy Nights

* Ministry Events

* Fundraisers 

* Marriage Retreats

* Civic Clubs

* Corporate Events

* Mission Conferences

​​​"I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Oh yeah, it was when you were with our ladies in March. Tonight was a blessing, especially seeing my ​husband relaxed and laughing."​ ​​ ​Cynthia, Guestbook Entry

Comedian Just Peppi has been featured 

in these, and other fine places:

iHeart Radio

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Sunday Morning Gospel Radio Show

The Alabama Baptist

Household of Faith Radio Show

Alabama Press Register

Hospice Angels

On Her Mom's Refrigerator

Alabama Quartet Convention

Lone Star Convention Center

FMCA's Six-State Rally

Wesley Medical Center

Savage & Starbuck Radio Show

Mission of Hope Ministries

Practicing in the Shower

Mobile Baptist Association

Church & Ministry Events

​"I have now had the privilege of seeing two of Peppi's shows and she had me roaring with laughter both times. Peppi, thank you so much for not only bringing us joy but also bringing us the Father's love and encouragement."  ~ C.Lovvorn, Mobile Press Register Correspondent 

Peppi's gift of hilarity is perfect for groups desiring clean comedy anywhere across the nation.  Her "chicken-wire" brain filter brings

tons of belly laughter wrapped up in a message of hope for her audiences.  Book Peppi for your next event when you want lots of fun, and your group is tired of the same old thing.  Peppi performs for churches, women's groups, retreats, banquets, mission events, conferences, conventions, fundraisers and corporate events.  

She even performs for her dog, Oreo.  But can you believe he has never laughed at a single joke?

Your comedy was fascinating, funny and timely.  I had so many good comments!  Your program was so us!! We could relate to all the jokes." C. Farrar, Six-State Rally Assoc., FMCA

"Peppi completely stole people's hearts.  You won't be disappointed."

Scott Washam, Alabama Quartet Convention​