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"God blessed us with a 

'techni-colored' daughter.  

Then He laughed and laughed."

~ Lonnie Miller (Peppi's Dad)

You've probably seen my TV show.

I played a skunk. 

It's okay if you missed it. 

​It stunk.

~ Just Peppi

"I don't know who laughed more - 
the men ​or the women. We had
nothing but positive reviews about
​how great her show was."

​~ Pam, St. Elmo Bible Church

"Comedy Central was so much fun! 
Peppi, you were a hoot!!! I loved hearing
the ​belly laughs from our women."

 ~ Pat Richey, Springhill Baptist Church

"I have now had the pleasure of seeing 
two of Peppi's shows and she had me
roaring with laughter both times."

~ Christie Lovvorn,

Mobile Press Register Correspondent           

"Peppi completely stole people's 
hearts. ​You won't be disppointed."

~ Scott Washam,

Alabama Quartet Convention

Just Peppi

Just Peppi

I am...

Just Peppi

"I hope I get to live with

my kids when I get old.  

I mean, I just ​owe them

so much!"

~ Just Peppi

She has a unique style of comedy combined with singing and audience participation which is side-aching funny!

~Velvet, First Baptist Church Richland, MS

Just Peppi

I am...

Welcome!  I'm so thrilled you stopped by my website to visit.   I hope you'll take a few minutes to visit my "Funny Stuff" page and watch a video or two.  Standing on a stage, hearing belly laughter from an audience,  and knowing God  used me  to bring that joy to a crowd of people is the most fun thing ever! Whether it's an audience of thirty or hundreds, it is exhilarating!  It is my desire to partner with each event coordinator to bring an incredibly fun event for their group.  And may all the glory go to God!   Let's make it happen.   You can begin the process by clicking the green button below.   I can't wait to hear from you!