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"If they didn't want me to turn out a little bit funny, why'd they give me a name like Peppi?" ~ Anonymous

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Christian women's conference speaker

​​​Welcome!  I am Christian Comedian, Just Peppi!  Thank you for stopping by to visit my website.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to look around and even watch a video or two.  

Standing on stage, hearing the belly laughter of an audience and knowing God used me to bring joy to a crowd of people,  is  the most fun thing ever! Whether it's an audience of fifty or hundreds, it is exhilarating! It is my desire to partner with each event coordinator to bring an incredibly fun event for their group.

So, If the chore of finding the entertainment fell in your lap again, just click the "Booking & Reviews" tab.  We will work together to make this the most memorable event your group has ever had.   And I mean that in a FUNny, uplifting way.  I'll be waiting to hear from you.​​​    Peppi

P.S. Pastors, Church & Ministry Leaders, you may be interested in my  Comedy With a Cause,  which is my regular length comedy routine with a special brief message for the heart added to the end. Just click the "Church Events" tab, or the "Women's Events" tab.


Pastors, Ministry Leaders & Women's Group Coordinators 

We all know how difficult it can be, in this noisy, fast-paced world, to capture someone's attention with a message, much less

an entire congregation of people.  Did you know laughter tears down walls, so audiences are more likely to listen to what

you really want to say?  Church & Ministry leaders, as you talk with Peppi, be sure to ask her how your special comedy

event could close with a brief message that God is using to speak to hearts everywhere she is given opportunity to present it. 

Comedy Captures Their Attention so the Cause Can Capture Their Hearts

Pastors & Ministers Click Here                 Women's Ministry Leaders Click Here

"Peppi's comedy took

our annual Ladies'

Night Out to a whole

new level of laughter."  

V.B. FBC Richland, MS

"You have never been to a comedy show, until you 

have marched in Peppi's 'Potluck Parade'! I am

still laughing four days later."  Paula - Yielded Clay

​"I haven't laughed so much ​in a

long time...I can highly recommend you to any group needing some ​funny, fresh, and clean Christian entertainment ​for their functions."  ​​

Dani, Guestbook Entry

"You definitely need to have Peppi in your church. She is so funny, and reminds us of our mission to reach the world for Jesus."

Buddy Brents, Int'l Ministries Dir.

​Mobile Baptist Association

"Peppi completely stole

people's hearts.  You won't be disappointed."

Scott Washam,

Alabama Quartet Convention​

"I don't know who laughed more - the men ​or the women. We had nothing but positive reviews about ​how great her show was." 
​Pam, St. Elmo Bible Church

"She has a unique style of comedy combined with singing and audience participation which is side-aching funny! " 

Velvet, FBC, Richland, MS


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"I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Oh yeah, it was when you were with our ladies in March. Tonight was a blessing, especially seeing my ​husband relaxed and laughing."​ ​​ ​

Cynthia, Guestbook Entry